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Awareness hubs

Meet. Learn. Recycle. Repeat.

To help spread the message of cleaner oceans, we’re launching a series of spaces around the world to educate, share ideas and get people recycling.

A green meeting space, that doubles as a recycling station

So what exactly is an MBRC Awareness Hub?

It’s a place for like-minded ocean lovers to meet and share big ideas. It’s a library of information on our oceans, and resources in our fight against the plastic soup. It’s a space for events. It’s a recycled shipping container. It’s a place to rest (and read up) on a warm summer’s day by the sea. It’s a recycling drop-off point.

Basically, it’s lots of things, all working together to help end plastics in our oceans.

Kicking off in Germany in 2021, we’ll be bringing our MBRC Awareness Hubs to life in various locations across the country (fellow ocean lovers of Sylt, Kiel and Hamburg – keep an eye out) and, from there, planning to expand to more spots worldwide to spread the MBRC message.

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Recycling stations

Recycle a bottle, and we’ll do the same

For every plastic bottle recycled at one of our Awareness Hubs, we’ll pledge to pull another bottle out of the ocean. Win, win.

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