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There’s so much more to the oceans – and the problem of cleaning them up – than meets the eye. Enter MBRC Academy: an online course for students looking to make waves in the world of ocean sustainability.

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We’re proud of our beach cleanups and recycled wares, but they’re a drop in the ocean compared to the power of educating the world on ocean sustainability.

Running for one year and with a fresh topic each week, the free-of-charge Academy course is tailored to complement your current university studies with a well-rounded awareness and understanding of how to identify, and help to solve, one of the biggest challenges of our time.

We offer a range of partnership options

If you’d like to sign your business up to a tailormade partnership with MBRC, please contact:

Immelie Fehmers (Fundraising)

Cornelie van Holthe (Fundraising)

Jasper Nikulka (CEO Germany)

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Discover a sea of knowledge

The MBRC Academy course dives deep into all things oceans, plastic pollution and how we can rid the world of the bad stuff to extend the future of the big, beautiful blue stuff.

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