What does MBRC The Ocean stand for?
MBRC is phonetic for Embrace: Embrace The ocean.

What is MBRC the ocean?
MBRC the ocean is a new fashion brand; we make nautical rope products.
Our ropes are made of ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon waste from the oceans (fishing nets) and other waste.
Because it is time to take action, we donate a big portion of our turnover to our partner Plastic Soup Foundation.

MBRC the ocean is a social venture. We like to support a better world in a sustainable way.

MBRC the ocean is not a foundation.

What are the MBRC the ocean products made of?
The ropes used in our products are made of ECONYL® 100% regenerated nylon waste like fishing nets.
We use ECONYL® yarns. More information at 

Our closures are forged from the finest stainless steel.

Our packaging does not contain any plastics.
Who is behind MBRC the ocean?
MBRC the ocean is a registered trademark from Charity Gifts BV in the Netherlands.
More information see

What is the link with Plastic Soup Foundation?
MBRC the ocean and Plastic Soup Foundation are partners in MBRC the ocean. This means that Plastic Soup Foundation will be the beneficient of the donations we generate with our product sales for the coming years.

Where can I buy MBRC the ocean products?
Online at .
Very soon our products are available in a selected number of stores.  Please check our site for the most actual list of stores where we are available.  

How much is donated to Plastic Soup Foundation?
We donate approximately 25% of our turnover ex VAT to Plastic Soup Foundation.
In the webshop the donation per product is indicated in detail.
In physical stores it is explicitly communicated on the displays. 

In our service section on the website, we communicate a quarterly update on the donations we have done so far to Plastic Soup Foundation. 

Why are you not donating more Plastic Soup Foundation?
MBRC the ocean donates approximately 25% of its turnover ex VAT to Plastic Soup Foundation.
We’d love to donate more. However, we also feel the responsibility of running a healthy company towards our employees and partners.
We love to do good and are committed to make impact. In a responsible way.

Some of your models resemble other brands I know.
Very well possible. Making nautical ropes is something that has been done since as long as we sail te oceans.
Some like to make the bracelets themselves. A shackle closure for instance is widely available at any watersports shop. As well as a piece of nautical rope, a splicing needle and waxed twining rope .

All around the world we find branded nautical ropes. The closures used and the necessary techniques cause similarities in the way they look.
Brands like Thetruerope, Etiquette Marine, Neptn, Maggie and Millie, Pig and Hen, Constantin Nautics, Braceletmix, Fathom, Knoticalbutnice and many others.

Often brands with great stories inspired by the sea, sailing, surfing, beach life and the many nostalgic stories linked to it.

Our story however is different: it’s time to change!

We use ECONYL® 100% recycled nylon waste for our ropes, stimulating the demand for waste like old fishing nets.
We hope you like our story. If not, we have given you some alternative brands that you might feel more comfortable with.

How do I maintain the bracelet
Our products are made form the best materials.
Wear your MBRC with pride, as often as you like!
To keep your MBRC in good condition, we advise you not to swim / shower / take a bath with the magnet models; for all other items there are no limitations.