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Working together for a world with cleaner oceans

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With so many ocean-loving brands out there, partnering up to make an even bigger impact is a no-brainer.

Working together for a world with cleaner oceans

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MBRC Partner

Creating a groundswell of change, together

The more people, companies, NGOs and brands we have working together to fight ocean plastics, the better.
Since our launch in 2018, we’re proud to have partnered with a collective of brands who are as passionate about cleaning our oceans as we are.

Ready to partner up? Get in touch

If you’d like to sign your business up to a standard partnerships package or a tailormade partnership with MBRC, please contact Immelie Fehmers (Fundraising), or Cornelie van Holthe (Fundraising) or Jasper Nikulka (CEO Germany)

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