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MBRC Humpback Bottle Both Fit

Stand out from the crowd, and help rid our oceans of plastic waste.

Plastic-filled oceans can be bad news for underwater creatures like the majestic humpback whale. The good news: 15% of profits from our Humpback Bottle series of bracelets goes towards funding our MBRC ocean cleanups around the world.

With your help, we are making small but critical steps in the right direction to protect our waters and the beautiful creatures who call it home.

Coming in four coloured styles and crafted from stainless steel and recycled nylon, this bracelet features an eye-catching black shackle centre that ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd.

One size fits all, thanks to an adjustable band that allows you to make the bracelet larger or smaller.

From bottle to bracelet, our Bottle series of accessories is made from recycled PET plastic – otherwise known as single-use plastic bottles.

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