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Upcoming project

Beach Cleanup Event

We're planning our next big cleanup event in Asia (exact location TBC), collecting plastic at one of the region's more critically polluted beaches or coastal sections with the help of our MBRC volunteers. Express your interest and we'll let you know when it's happening.

Every donations helps fund our work cleaning coastlines in Indonesia

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    € donation goal

Hey, Indonesia, we’re coming for your plastic waste

Each year, a staggering 8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in our oceans. It’s a terrible cycle that clogs waterways, attracts pests, damages fragile ecosystems, kills marine life (and the local fishing industry in the process), and compromises the sanitation of beachside communities.

To help fight the plastic problem head on we’re hosting a beach cleanup in Indonesia (exact location TBC) – and to make it all happen, we’re seeking fundraising support from fellow ocean lovers like you.

Donate to help save Indonesia’s beaches

You can donate to help us reach our funding goal of € 30,000 so we can purchase much-needed equipment and tools for the Indonesia beach cleanup.

Over two days, we plan to clean the beach with 80 hired residents and 100 local volunteers. All waste is separated and transported to the local recycler.

The more money we raise, the more residents we can hire, the more volunteers we can provide with the necessary tools and clothing, the more plastic we can collect from the beach.

For € 30,00 you can provide a volunteer with the necessary tools including:
1 pair of protection gloves
1 waste clipper
2 garbage bags

For € 25,00 you can protect a volunteer against the sun while collecting plastic including:
1 long sleeve shirt
1 cap
1 face mask

Plus, all donations above €55,00 will receive an MBRC bracelet.

Jetzt für saubere Ozeane spenden

Hilf uns, unser Finanzierungsziel zu erreichen, um unser Indonesian Beach Cleanup zu verwirklichen. Jede Spende über 55,00 € erhält ein MBRC-Armband, damit du deine gute Tat am Handgelenk tragen kannst.

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