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We’re raising funds to build a permanent space in Indonesia, powered by the local community, to help clean up their beaches

Help us launch our first “forever” beach cleanup in Indonesia

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Of the 8 tonnes of plastics that enter the oceans each year, 86% of that comes from rivers.

And when monsoon season arrives, heavy rains push floating plastics to the ocean surface and back to the shore to pollute their pristine coasts. It’s a terrible cycle that clogs waterways, attracts pests, damages fragile ecosystems, kills marine life (and the local fishing industry in the process), and compromises the sanitation of beachside communities. To help fight the plastic problem, we’ve hosted smaller, single-day cleanups on the beaches of Indonesia. But it’s only a temporary fix.

Our solution? A permanent Cleaning Hub that rids Indonesia's coastlines of plastic, 365 days a year
We have to prevent the influx of plastic waste in our oceans and on our shores right now. The beaches in Asia, with knee high plastic rubbish, are dirty and attract pests. The local economy is also hugely affected by the uninviting beaches and oceans.

We will launch the world’s first MBRC Cleaning Hub in West Flores – hiring local staff to pick up and recycle plastic waste, now and long into the future.

Like all big ideas, this comes at a cost – around €75,000 per year – to build an eco-friendly space, buy necessary equipment, train and pay permanent staff and partner with local recycling plants.

To get there, we need your help: in the form of a donation, however big or small, to help future-proof a coastal gem like Indonesia and the world’s oceans.
With annual costs of around €75,000, we need all the help we can get to launch our first ever Cleaning Hub in Indonesia.

Whether you’re an individual or a company, there are many options to help out – whether it’s a one-off donation or monthly assistance:

For € 26, you can support the Cleaning Hub for 1 hour.
For € 208, you can support the Cleaning Hub for a whole day.
For € 6.250, the Cleaning Hub will function for 1 month *.
For € 37.500, the Cleaning Hub will function for 6 months *.
For € 75.000, a Cleaning Hub will be up and running for 1 year *.

You can also support us permanently:
For € 5,00 per month the Cleaning Hub will operate 2,3 hours.
For € 10,00 per month the Cleaning Hub will operate 4.5 hours.
For € 17,00 per month the Cleaning Hub will operate for 1 day.

* Please contact MBRC to research co-operation possibilities.
** If you donate for 1 year.“

MBRC Indonesia Cleaning Hub

Indonesia has some of the world’s most polluted oceans If you’ve ever been to Indonesia, you’ll know it’s home to some of the world’s most breathtaking coastlines, coral reefs and white-sand beaches. Sadly, it’s also home to the 2nd most plastic-polluted oceans in the world.

It starts at the rivers, where plastic waste flows from the land’s arteries and into our oceans.
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