MBRC and Müller launch Croatia's first cleaning hub to combat the flood of plastic in Europe

Croatian island of Dugi Otok, October 13, 2023 -

The images of plastic waste on the Adriatic coast that we have tended to associate with the global south have now become a sad reality in the popular European vacation region. In a joint initiative, the non-profit environmental protection organization MBRC the ocean and the drugstore chain Müller have joined forces to rid the oceans of waste. Their mission started with an impressive "Coastal Roadtour", which is intended to pave the way for regular clean-ups.



On the Croatian island of Dugi Otok, twelve Müller employees and 60 volunteers collected an impressive 72 bags of garbage in just three hours. This campaign marks the start of a one-year "Coastal Road Tour" that will lead from the north of Croatia to the south.

The long-term goal of this initiative is to create a "Cleaning Hub". This place will serve as a meeting point where committed people will regularly gather for clean-ups and ensure that the collected waste is recycled properly. A sustainable partnership with local recycling partners is crucial to establishing an environmentally friendly circular economy for plastic.


The support of Müller, one of Europe's leading drugstore chains with numerous stores in Croatia, makes this major project possible. Müller is not only helping to carry out clean-ups, but is also sending a strong signal of its commitment to the region.

Vinh Nguyen, Business Development Manager of MBRC the ocean, shares her impressions: "It was impressive and shocking to see how much waste could be found on the Croatian coast. We will use the coming year to make a sustainable impact on the ground. We are looking forward to it!"

The project not only aims to clean up Croatia's coasts in the long term, but also to serve as a role model for cleaning hubs worldwide. With over 4,000 volunteers worldwide, from Tanzania and the Maldives to the UK and the USA, MBRC the ocean sends a clear message: plastic pollution affects us all, even in Europe. The initiative in Croatia shows how everyone can make a contribution to protecting the oceans.