The MBRC the ocean Foundation is the heart of our organisation. The goal of the Foundation ist to clean the ocean and coastlines from plastic pollution, recycle the waste and educate the future generation.

With the Donations we receive we can support our 30 Cleaning Hubs operations around the globe to clean up our ocean coastlines everyday from Iceland to Japan - Australia to Canada and Tanzania to Indonesia with the help of our volunteers ambassadors, partners and employees. Your donations also support our MBRC Academy to educate and teach children, students and local communities worldwide about plastic and the impact it has on the ecosystem and ocean. 

The MBRC Foundation is a NPO (Non-Profit-Organisation) and 100% depends on donations.


The MBRC the ocean GmbH is a trading company which sells our sustainable MBRC products.

All products are made out of sustainable materials e.g. ocean plastic, organic cotton, recycled material etc. and are sold online or through our international Retails Partner Network.

Every product sold supports our mission. We donate 15% of our proceeds to the MBRC Foundation. So every MBRC product you buy helps us to clean the ocean and coastlines a little bit more.

We also partner with likeminded companies which want to make an impact with their product or organization to save the ocean from plastic waste (e.g. TELEKOM, Tom Tailor).

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