Who is Better Rich?

BETTER RICH is the label for modern lifestyle - casual, authentic & cool and stands for "everyday wear".
The collections transport the open minded vibe of the metropolis New York. Sporty styles meet vintage looks and classic shirts as well as basics meet cozy knits and cuddly sweats.

Nonchalant and unique with a certain urban feeling, BETTER RICH presents a mix of relaxed coolness and understated chic.

Why does Better Rich support MBRC the ocean?


With the stylish bracelet BETTER RICH supports the organization MBRC the ocean. MBRC cleans beaches, coasts and oceans worldwide from plastic waste of any kind. This is recycled and then processed into fashionable accessories. The casual BETTER RICH X MBRC Bracelet Band in subtle light gray is double layered at the front and knotted at the back.

The matt silver charm with BETTER RICH engraving acts as an exclusive highlight. UNISEX - for everyone. The bracelet comes in a sustainable packaging and further information about MBRC. 


MBRC the ocean Collaboration with Better Rich