MBRC x Brita

Who is BRITA?

The family-owned company develops, produces and markets filters for drinking water for domestic and commercial use. These are, for example, refrigerators, kettle filters or coffee machines. 

Why does BRITA support MBRC the ocean?

In line with BRITA's sustainable corporate strategy (including the avoidance of plastic bottles and plastic waste), all employees worldwide received an MBRC wristband made of recycled plastic in their individual corporate design.

The wristband represents BRITA's own fight against plastic waste, which is part of the company's corporate responsibility and product benefit communication strategy.



"One simple step can be to drink tap water instead of bottled water. In Germany, water quality is very good because our drinking water is subject to strict controls. In many households, however, lime in the water clouds the enjoyment. In such cases, a water filter can help to reduce limescale in the water and filter out substances that impair the taste, thus improving the taste of the drinking water. Moreover, those who prefer sparkling water can add carbon dioxide to the filtered water by using a water bubbler. This eliminates the need to buy bottled water - which conserves resources, reduces CO2 emissions, and also saves time and money." Learn more.