Who is FOAMIE?

"The revolution in the bathroom - on the way to a plastic-free bath! Foamie is reinventing the bathroom routine with plastic-free products that work, plus smell amazing and leave a visible and noticeable impact on skin and hair. Since the first product, the Foamie family has continued to grow: hair care for different hair types, solid shower care & facial cleansing as well as dry shampoo, body butter, men & kids products and soon many, many more innovative new products." Learn more.

Why does FOAMIE support MBRC the ocean?

FOAMIE offers solid care without plastic, MBRC wants a sea without plastic.
So we have joined forces. During the promotion period from 11.4. - 24.4. FOAMIE donates € 0,20 per sold product to MBRC.
We say thank you very much.


FOAMIE x MBRC - Aktion