MBRC x Veltins

Who is Veltins?

The brewery C.& A. Veltins GmbH & Co. KG is a brewery founded in 1824. The headquarters are located in Meschede-Grevenstein in the Sauerland region.

Why does Veltins support MBRC the ocean?

The VELTINS Keychain was made from the recycled plastic. The keychain has a metal carabiner with integrated bottle opener and looks especially nice on a keychain. 

"VELTINS provided impetus in environmental protection at a time when resource conservation was far from being a matter of course in Germany.

To this day, sustainability is at the top of the list of priorities at VELTINS. More than ever, the focus is on the efficiency of the resources used. The investment in the new brewing technology alone means savings of 30% in thermal energy and a further 10% in electrical energy in the brewhouse.

Whereas previously live steam was required, which was costly in terms of energy, today the vats are heated with hot water from the energy storage system, which significantly increases energy efficiency because existing waste heat can be used. Along with the new brewing technology, the brewhouse also received a completely new control system that makes operation and control in brewing operations even clearer and more precise." Learn more.