Atlantic Bottle

New: Embrace the ocean in a robust way with this bracelet from old PET bottles.
Magical Mist
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Already legendary....our new top model!
Ropes from 100% recycled PET bottles.

We turn waste into fashion.....can it get any cooler?

Ropes are nice and firm and come with a high quality more shiny look.

Pure quality.

Embrace the ocean in a fashionable way with this great looking click-on magnet closure.
Cool gun metal closure forged from the finest stainless steel.
With the MBRC The Ocean logo engraved.

Wear it with pride and share our story.

The rope colour is light green.

Every purchase funds the fight against plastic soup.
Do good. Feel good. Look great. MBRC.

Closure size: 25 mm x 12 mm x 8 mm

Rope width: 10mm

How do I maintain the bracelet
Our products are made form the best materials.
Wear your MBRC with pride, as often as you like!
To keep your MBRC at its best, we advise you not to swim / shower / take a bath with it.