Inspiring Young Minds: MBRC the ocean's Conservation Education Initiative at POLIGENIUS Primary School

Education is an important part of our work. We are convinced that it is the cornerstone of environmental protection and positive change. That's why we were delighted to launch an educational outreach at POLIGENIUS Primary School in Ulm, where over 160 eager students awaited us with open minds and curiosity about the oceans and their inhabitants.

Led by our dedicated team members Vinh, Leonie and Annika, our day at POLIGENIUS began with a warm welcome and an introduction to MBRC's mission. As we stood before the enthusiastic faces of the students, excitement was in the air, setting the stage for an enlightening journey.



Our educational journey took us deep into the pressing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. Through captivating visuals and interactive discussions, we sought to shed light on how plastic is invading the marine environment and devastating sea life.

But learning doesn't have to be ordinary. To really engage our young audience, we incorporated playful and interactive elements into the curriculum. These are the Ocean Stations - four experiential stations designed to spark curiosity and encourage hands-on learning:


1. Exploring microplastics: Students delved into the world of microplastics through hands-on sifting activities to discover the invisible threat lurking in our oceans.

2. Ocean-themed coloring: Students' creativity blossomed as they expressed their love for the ocean through colorful artwork, strengthening their connection to the marine ecosystem.


3. Tips for eco-friendly living: Exciting discussions and practical tips provided students with the knowledge on how to reduce plastic consumption in their daily lives and turned them into eco-conscious consumers.


4.#KickouttheplasticChallenge: The highlight of the day was the students kicking away PET bottles with a ball, symbolizing their collective commitment to ridding our oceans of plastic waste.

The students met us with curiosity, interest and empathy for the oceans and their inhabitants, which made the day truly memorable. Their countless questions underlined their deep commitment to environmental and marine conservation, while the challenges sparked their enthusiasm and got them eager to experiment and take action.

This project, organized and delivered by our team at MBRC the ocean foundation, reflects our commitment to nurturing the next generation of environmental leaders. The enthusiasm and passion of the students showed us how important education is in shaping a cleaner and better future for our planet.

As we look back on our time at POLIGENIUS Elementary School, we are grateful for the opportunity to inspire and educate young people about the importance of marine conservation. We are confident that through collaboration and continued engagement, together we can create a world where our oceans thrive and future generations are empowered to protect our precious planet.