Sustainable Promotion: MBRC Leads the Way with Circular Merchandise at HAPTICA

Bonn, March 2024 -

We recently took part in the HAPTICA trade fair in Bonn and this is our conclusion:

HAPTICA was a complete success in our eyes!


At our stand, we chatted to visitors and told them about our mission to clean up the oceans and protect marine life. It was interesting to see how receptive people were to our cause and we are grateful for the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation.

This year, the focus of the show was on plastic in the ocean and the use of recycled materials to make new products - a topic that closely aligns with our mission. 

Sustainable Merch is diverse!

Our sales representative Lukas summed up our experience perfectly: "Participating in the fair was definitely worth it. Not only did it increase our visibility in the industry, but we also gained valuable insights."

We have learned that the promotional products industry places a strong emphasis on product, price and quantity. However, we pride ourselves on standing out and staying true to our values of sustainability and environmental protection. 

Our authenticity was recognized and appreciated by many and led to meaningful conversations with industry leaders such as KOLBIRI GmbH, Bertelsmann Stiftung and Schwan-Stabilo.

Ocean Area - FACThibition at HAPTICA

In addition to our booth, MBRC the ocean presented the first ocean chair in the ocean information area and provided educational insights to visitors with videos and posters.

Dedicated staff at the fair, explained the activities in this area and directed interested people to our booth for more information.

Overall, we are encouraged to see a growing interest in sustainability and environmental protection in the goods industry. While there is still much to do, we will continue our efforts to create lasting value for all stakeholders.


Our Team @ the MBRC the ocean booth


Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth and supported our cause. Together we are making a difference for our oceans and our planet!