MBRC Cleaning Hub in Indonesia


MBRC the ocean Foundation is a non profit organisation making ocean plastic a thing of the past. It all starts with the simple act of cleaning up the coastlines; the beaches and ocean fronts.

Our goal is to end ocean plastics for good!

Every day tons of plastic, fishing nets and other waste enter the Asian oceans. Because of the position of the islands, the currents and the tides a never ending flow of plastic waste ends on the beaches of the Indonesian archipelago.
But that's not the only issue. 55% of the Indonesian population lives in rural and remote areas without any waste management system whatsoever. Local residents are often forced to dump their household waste right outside their home. The waste is either burned or left behind to be blown away by the wind or washed away by the rain.

In July 2021 MBRC the ocean started a big and challenging project in Indonesia. On two islands in world famous Komodo National Park and in one village on West Flores, MBRC the ocean has implemented permanent Cleaning hubs.

Permanent Cleaning hub

A permanent Cleaning hub is run by local employees and has three focus points.

Waste processing and recycling

The locals will receive garbage bags for the daily waste, when full, the bags can be disposed of in the waste bins provided by MBRC. The bins are collected, emptied and cleaned on a regular base. The full garbage bags are stored in storage.

Beach cleanups

Every Friday a Beach cleanup event is organised by the Cleaning hub. All necessary materials like garbage bags, gloves and waste pickers are provided by MBRC the ocean. All the waste is sorted, counted, weighed and placed in the Cleaning hub’s storage.
Adults and youngsters are stimulated to participate on a weekly base. The local schools organise every Friday cleanup events for their students.
When the storage is full a sea transport to Java is organised. On Java is the closest certified recycling company. MBRC only works with certified companies. .


To create more awareness on waste, recycling and sustainability an education programme is introduced in the three communities.
Adults are informed on various subjects like the impact of plastic on the environment, the importance of recycling, sustainability and the conservation of beaches and oceans.
For students, the education programme will be done through their local schools. With books, workbooks and games students are taught the importance of recycling, sustainability, and taking care of your own environment.


Give the Komodo islands a clean beach! Help setting up 3 permanent Cleaning hubs in Indonesia. • A weekly beach Cleanup event is organised where all the waste is collected, seperated in recycables and non recycables, counted, weighed and stored properly. • A local waste collection system with waste bags, collection points and transportation to recycling facilities on the mainland of Java is implemented. • An education program is set up for better understanding of waste management, sustainability and recycling. A permanent solution. Managing plastic waste year round. € 25.000 is needed to run our programme in 1 community for 1 full year

When the permanent Cleaning Hubs are up and running, the waste flow will be properly managed, the coastlines cleaned and the local adults and students educated on sustainability and recycling. The expectation is growth in waste management from 10% to 80%.