Together for Clean Oceans: McDonald's and MBRC Launch Critical Dialogue on Plastic Pollution.

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a global challenge that affects us all. Every day, about eight million pieces of plastic enter our waters, and the impact on the environment is devastating. We belief that we can fight the waste with open education and communication.  As McDonald's Germany has teamed up with us to start an open dialogue about how to deal with plastic waste more responsibly.

In their podcast "Once Fries for Two," MBRC founder Sven Jacobi and sustainability blogger Nadine Schubert discuss the pressing issues surrounding plastic pollution in the oceans with McDonald's. Together, they are on a mission to advocate for plastic-free beaches worldwide.

The dialogue initiative between McDonald's and MBRC the ocean aims to drive transformation of the waste industry and engage in dialogue with key stakeholders. Sven Jacobi, founder of MBRC, explains, "With the dialogue initiative, we hope to shape the policy issue agenda in affected countries and raise awareness on this important topic."

McDonald's is calling on the public to submit critical questions on sustainability issues via the "Better M" website. For every question submitted, the company generously donates one euro to MBRC the ocean. The questions will be answered transparently and publicly on the website to stimulate a broad discussion. The aim is to collect up to 20,000 euros in donations by October 16, 2023.

The proceeds of this charity campaign will be used by MBRC to build sustainable waste infrastructure in affected countries and to intensify local educational work on plastic waste control. In addition, MBRC organizes regular clean-ups in which volunteers clear beaches worldwide of litter. But to achieve long-term changes in waste management, a joint commitment is needed.

Sven Jacobi emphasizes: "Pollution of our oceans and coasts is a global problem that we can only tackle together. Large international corporations like McDonald's have a special responsibility to contribute to waste reduction worldwide."

In their podcast "Once Fries for Two," Sven Jacobi, Nadine Schubert and host Brigitte Theile talk about how each individual can help reduce plastic pollution in their everyday lives. These inspiring talks offer valuable insights and practical tips on how we can work together to protect our planet.

We encourage you to submit your questions about sustainability and plastic pollution via the Better M website and become part of this important initiative. Every euro counts towards clean oceans and plastic-free beaches worldwide.

Together, we can make a difference and secure the future of our oceans. Let's continue the dialogue and fight together for a more sustainable world.

Your MBRC the ocean Team


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