We hit the jackpot!

We were able to win LOTTO24 as a new cooperation partner.

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership that combines environmental protection and the chance to win - "The Blue Treasure"!

Together, we at MBRC the ocean and LOTTO24 have created a win-win-win situation that not only protects the oceans, but also offers players the chance to win great prizes and helps Lotto24 to increase their impact together with their customers.





At Lotto24, "The Blue Treasure" is the name given to a lottery syndicate in which players can buy shares as a team for the chance to win the Eurojackpot and thus actively support the removal of plastic waste from the oceans. The collected waste is then recycled by us and reintroduced into the economic cycle in various forms.

To help lottery players visualize the impact, we convert the recycled plastic into a traceable number of PET bottles. One share worth five euros is therefore the equivalent of five PET bottles - the higher the stake, the greater the impact on the oceans.

We are delighted to announce that we have collected the equivalent of a total of 433,480 PET bottles as part of this cooperation. A big thank you goes to all participants who not only increased their chances of winning with their lottery entry, but also made a personal contribution to environmental protection - a total of more than 13,000 euros went into the cooperation

The donations collected through "Der Blaue Schatz" support our mission to clean up the oceans. Thanks to this support, our local volunteers can be provided with the necessary equipment and support long-term educational programs.

Together, we are setting an example for a sustainable future and look forward to further activities together with Lotto24.