Green Easter Cleanup - Tanzania


On 16th, April, 2022 we have organized the Green Easter Cleanup together with our MBRC Ambassador Casto.

According to the Visit Britain website 76% of tourists visit the Beach during the holidays, this culture has taken root in the city of Dar Es Salaam. Studies tell us 9 up to 14 tones of hazardous waste enter the sea annually from land. Geographcally  Dar es Salaam has  Msimbazi River which collects waste from various sources and carries it to the Indian Ocean. One of the gates used to transport  the waste to the sea is the Salander Bridge.


> To encourage Community mobilization to take care of our beaches as we would like to visit them.

> Educate the community that a large percentage of coastal waste has come from our streets and sent to the sea in different ways.

> Clean the beaches as an ongoing effort to eradicate waste and save lives.

> Planting Trees as a long-term effort to tackle climate change along the coastal areas.



Green Easter Cleanup succeeded beyond our expectations, a day before more than 429 confirmed to attend via .

Due to heavy rain on date i received a lot of excuses due to heavy rain and out of our expectations, from 05:00Am Volunteers started to reach our meeting point, that experience amazed our team.

According to our registration form 209 volunteers dully registered and participated in Green Easter Cleanup. Two hundreds volunteers  weared t-shirt with MBRC The Ocean logo, due to the heavy rainfall few managed to wear t-shirts only without additional cloth.

Volunteers had supersonic energy like never before, you might think there was no rain at all, We collected variety and weight of waste than our expectation, trucks multiplied their trip to ensure all trash reach damping area.

More than 54 Volunteers wanted to be members of MBRC the Ocean, I found the justification for establishment of MBRC's Chapter in Tanzania in order to accommodate and engage more people in saving the ocean.


MBRC ambassador-Casto Kayombo and the team are ready to save the ocean and wearing the change. Volunteers were motivated to wear t-shirt with MBRC's logo, this added value to our event. We would like to hear from you about things we should improve in future event and looking forward to work with you in the commemoration of World Ocean Day 8th, June,2022.