MBRC x liv interior

Who is liv interior? 

liv interior - Sustainable Living

Where craftsmanship meets zeitgeist & Scandinavian Design meets Bohemian Influence. Liv is Danish and means life. At liv interior we believe in sustainable living! Through sustainable management and fair production, life is respected and preserved. The timeless style of the brand gives every living space its feel-good character. A holistic, sustainable mission to improve our lives runs through all areas of the German-Danish brand.





Circularity is an important part of liv interior's work. Whenever possible, materials are used which can be recycled into new raw materials in order to create a new life from them. Today, liv interior uses the following recycled materials: recycled yarn from plastic bottles, linen from surplus bed linen production, recycled cotton from old clothes, recycled industrial brass and even recycled glass. Once a product has reached its purpose and end of life, the material can continue to circulate and be used economically. As a pioneer, liv interior is an example of how well the circular economy can work. liv interior stands not only for a high style factor but also for a high quality standard, which, in contrast to some criticism of recycled goods, is guaranteed here.


All liv interior products are made by hand. The company has a great interest in preserving traditional craftsmanship in our economy, which is characterised by mass-produced goods and speed. The brand works with small workshops where everything is handmade. In this way, liv interior pursues the goal that the cultural heritage of the respective craft can be passed on to the next generation, such as the carpet weavers in India with whom Tina Mirza, co-founder of liv interior, works. All carpets are also produced fairly and carry the

GoodWeave seal of approval against exploitative child labour and for compliance with minimum social and ecological standards. The licence fees are used to finance social and educational programmes in India and Nepal, among other things.

For some time now, ceramics and tableware have also been an important part of the liv interior collection. The ceramic collections are a project close to the heart of the brand, which focuses on sustainable design. This supports important social projects such as the ceramic workshop in Vietnam where the liv interior ceramics are produced. Here, women with challenging pasts find work by practising a craft. They also become more financially independent and can provide for themselves and their families.


● When did LIV start to care about the ocean pollution?

Why does LIV support MBRC the ocean?

Where do you see LIV in 5 years?

To contribute to cleaning up the environment and thus above all the oceans, liv started in 2014 to recycle plastic from pet bottles to use it as a new material for beautiful rugs. Instead of using new raw materials which have to be produced first for making new products out of it, we wanted to use something that is already there. Something that is not used anymore and makes the ocean pollution even worse. So we were very lucky to find a way to do this!

liv interior supports MBRC the ocean because the world is shockingly full of plastic, that we feel the urge to do something against it. We are happy to support small organizations that want to take care of the pollution problem.


We have a vision of producing more products which are made from recycled materials. So in five years from now we see liv interior using more waste material for creating beautiful decor items and writing about our knowledge and vision on our blog on

https://www.liv-interior.com/de/blog to inspire others to think about the context of waste and