MBRC x TikTok #kickouttheplastic

Who is TikTok?

TikTok is a platform that supports organisation who are on a mission to make our planet a better place. MBRC the Ocean is a 100% non-profit organisation who is on a mission to clean the ocean's from plastic waste. Our new partnership with MBRC the Ocean In order to contribute to MBRC the Ocean's mission, our users will help to clean the oceans, the environment we are living in.

Focus points:

  • Cleanup events with volunteers
  • Cleanup hubs - permanent daily cleanups
  • Awareness hubs - public presence waste recycling and plastic education
  • Academy - e-learning global programme for universities.



To create our first campaign with our new partner we looked at some facts & figures about plastic waste.

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters our oceans each year. And with more plastic produced in the last decade than in the entire 20th century, if we don’t act now there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. 

MBRC the Ocean wants to clean up the ocean's for good and they have already 50.000 PET bottles and plastic recycled, 1.300 cleanup teams globally who are on a mission to clean the oceans.


To create awareness on TikTok we will create a new campaign with MBRC the Ocean. To create the maximum reach of the campaign we will create a hashtag. A hashtag that will come up on mind immediately and has a potential to go viral.

Hashtag #kickouttheplastic

We want to use the hashtag #kickouttheplastic which is a perfect fit for this period. The EURO2020 starts 11 june 2021 and we could launch a hashtag that is in line with the category football.

How will it work?

Users will get the ability to join the movement by kicking plastic bottles in a bin. We will ask football teams and football players from our creator pool to join the hashtag to reach a larger audience.



We will launch an effect that will strengthen our campaign. There will be a playful quizz about plastic waste. The quizz will include some facts & figures and users will be able to answer the questions.