We have introduced the first product made from 99.98% MBRC plastic!

Hamburg, November 15-16, 2023 –

Once again this year, the MMHH trade fair took place in Hamburg's Volkspark, a lively meeting place for marketing and merchandising managers in the sports and industry sector. We from MBRC the Ocean were part of this dynamic event. Over 100 exhibitors were on site to network, present the latest trends and innovations in merchandise in the sports and soccer sector and jointly promote the topic of sustainability in the merchandise sector.

It is amazing what potential soccer clubs have to create awareness for this important topic.



Following the successful collaboration with HSV, we have now been able to announce a new partnership and even introduce the first product made from 99.98% MBRC plastic. Together with our partner Stadiseat, we have developed the first stadium seat made from 99.98% plastic collected by our MBRC Ambassadors and their teams. This chair is more than just a seat, it is a symbol of commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.



The MMHH fair provided an excellent platform to showcase our mission and the opportunity to turn the plastic waste in the ocean into something useful. It was great to see how much interest there was in the new collaboration and the opportunities that our material and impact offers companies. With us, they have the opportunity to close their material cycle again, as unfortunately they are often unable to see their products through to the end of their product life cycle.

By using MBRC plastics, companies can also

  • Contribute to environmental protection by using recycled raw materials.
  • Have a positive measure for their sustainability strategy and associated report.
  • have the opportunity to develop customized plastic products with environmental benefits.
  • Gain a new selling point for customers with a focus on sustainable business processes.
  • Join a collaboration to create a cleaner world without waste in rivers or oceans.


    We are excited about our new partner and look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on the stadium experience and most importantly our planet - as well as further collaboration with materials to create great solutions for products that fit into the new circular economy approach.

    Best wishes from the
    MBRC the ocean team!