TOM TAILOR startet Treueprogramm mit MBRC: Kunden können sich für den Schutz der Meere engagieren

At a time when fashion is very much in the spotlight for sustainability due to its speed and quality, Tom Tailor is taking a bold step forward by introducing a ground-breaking loyalty program that sets a new standard for corporate social responsibility in the fashion industry, following the joint fashion capsule DENIM x MBRC the ocean, in clothing from recycling material in collaboration with MBRC.

Tom Tailor's commitment to style is well known, but the company's latest initiative puts the spotlight on a different kind of fashion statement - one that champions environmental stewardship and community involvement. By partnering with MBRC, Tom Tailor is inviting its customers to not only buy their favorite fashions, but also contribute to a cause close to their hearts: protecting the oceans.

At the heart of this initiative is the newly launched loyalty program on Tom Tailor's online platform. This program allows customers to collect points with every purchase and thus make a tangible contribution to protecting the oceans. The special thing about this loyalty program is its dual purpose: it not only rewards customer loyalty, but also serves as a tool for a social cause.


Customers can now shop with purpose, knowing that their purchases are not simply transactions, but are making a meaningful contribution to a cause that is close to their hearts. By choosing to use their earned points for MBRC's mission, they become active participants in the fight to protect our oceans and marine life.

Furthermore, Tom Tailor's commitment does not end with the collection of points. For every donation made through the loyalty program, customers receive a special stamp of appreciation for their support. In addition, Tom Tailor generously converts these points into euros, amplifying the impact of every contribution to ocean conservation.

The response from the Tom Tailor community has been nothing short of remarkable. In the first quarter alone, customers collected an impressive 16,500 points for MBRC, underlining their enthusiasm for the cause and their willingness to make a difference.

The collaboration between Tom Tailor and MBRC represents a change of mind in the fashion industry, where customer loyalty programs are not just about discounts and perks, but also about making a meaningful contribution to the world. It's a testament to the power of partnerships and the potential for companies to drive positive change when they connect with meaningful causes.