Africas Biggest Cleanup 2023 in Tanzania

Africa's Biggest Cleanup 2023 in Tanzania: a milestone in the fight against ocean pollution

On June 8, 2023, a groundbreaking action took place in Tanzania to raise awareness about ocean pollution issues. Under the slogan "Africa's Biggest Cleanup," MBRC the ocean already held Africa's largest beach cleanup for the second time. This year, the campaign was supported by the retail company Müller.

Tanzania, as the fifth largest country in Africa, struggles with problematic waste management. Much of the daily waste in the city of Dar Es Salaam does not end up in landfills, but pollutes rivers that lead into the Indian Ocean. These circumstances make the campaign all the more urgent. 

With the support of over 1,700 volunteers, an impressive total of 26 tons of trash was collected from 12 beaches. This prevented the trash from entering the ocean and causing further damage.

This is not the first initiative of this kind by MBRC the ocean in Africa. Already last year, an impressive 8.3 tons of trash was collected along 5 kilometers of coastline during Africa's Biggest Cleanup. That's equivalent to more than 700 soccer fields full of trash. These figures highlight the urgent need to tackle the problem of ocean pollution in Africa.

In addition to cleaning the beaches, MBRC the ocean places great emphasis on imparting knowledge about environmental protection. This year's event featured panel discussions with the opportunity to speak authentically about the challenges and possible solutions, and to raise public awareness.